42 Woodworking Projects for Beginners

1.Simple Boxes
What else is better to craft than boxes? For beginners, a simple box with a clear-cut rectangular design is not only easy to make but can also be quite useful for storing things. You can then add some fancy designs to your liking.

2.Easy Wooden Bird House
Birdhouses are fun! You can build one and watch some birds fly over. It can be a great pastime for your family as well. I mean, who does not like to look at birds, right?

3.Simple Pallet Shelf
Pallet shelves or racks are really easy to make. They can come in different sizes, yet the method of creating them remains the same. Once you put some things on top of the racks, they can look pretty good!

4.Makers Kit Wood Craft
Makers Kit offers wood crafts of different kinds, shapes, and sizes for beginners. They send you how the methods and things needed to craft your own. Each of these crafts is easy to build, and can all be useful too.

5.Sleek and Simple Coat and Hat Rack
A rack that you can use to hang your coat and hats will always be useful. The rack will be mounted on a wall. The sleek design will not look bad on your house. In fact, it may even add to the beauty.

6.Baseball Coat Rack
This rack was designed with baseball coats and hats in mind. It has a standing design, and you do not need to mount it on a wall. Therefore, if you’re worried about damaging your walls, you can craft this alternatively.

7.Easy Knife Block
Some people may not be baseball fans but everyone has knives. Unfortunately, knife blocks can be hard to clean. Instead of stressing over it, you can craft a new one instead. By the end of it, you will have a clean place to store your knives.

8.Jelly Bean Dispenser
Jelly Beans! A jelly bean dispenser may not be as practical as the others in this list. However, it certainly is fun. You can store jelly beans and other candies in the dispenser and take them one by one.

9.Wood Plank Wine Rack
If you want a classy craft instead, you can build a wine rack. With just one plank, you can display your beloved wine collection. Not only is it incredibly easy to make, the simple design will look great on your house.

10.Rustic Candle Holder
This candle holder can add an elegant twist to a place. You can put different candles on top of it, and the mood of your house can change with them. Add some fragrant ones, and you will have a refreshing atmosphere.

11.Simple Step Stool
Step stools can have various uses and most of them need bearing a person’s. The most important feature of a step stool is its durability. Creating a simple but durable stool will help you do many things that need some elevation.

12.Address Number Wall Planter
This is an address number board that can contain some small plants. What better way to make a first impression to guests than having a fancy number board outside your house? The planter adds a refreshing twist to an otherwise plain object.

13.Simple Napkin Holder
Having a napkin holder can be quite handy especially on outdoor trips or picnics. Furthermore, the entire thing is small so it is convenient to carry. You can put your napkins on plates, but that is not something you really want to do.

14.Ironing Center
Creating an ironing center is convenient. The cabinet is where you will store the board. Upon opening, the board can be ready for use. This makes the process neat. After using, you don’t need to set aside the board untidily anymore.

15.Tiny Wooden USB Drive
USB Drives are easy to lose due to how small they are generally. Why not recreate its body to make it look better and easier to keep? It is also a great object to improve your skills in creating smaller things.

16. DIY Lazy Susan
The Lazy Susan is simply a small turntable. It is good for practicing creating objects that move. Generally, it requires more precision to make the movements even and smooth. While its name is interesting, that’s a story for another day.

17. Floating Wine Bottle Holder
This wine bottle holder will look as if there is magic involved. The practical use for this work is close to none. However, the precision needed for the angling and cutting is high. Since it does not take long to make, it’s good for practice.

18. Wooden Arrow Wall Art
This particular work is only for artistic purposes. However, it certainly does its job well as an artwork. It looks simple and nothing fancy, but it carries a minimalistic charm. Depending on the wood’s color, it can blend well with a specific theme.

19. Wooden Sofa Sleeve Cup Holder
You are watching a movie while sitting on a sofa. You are also drinking coffee from a cup. Then, you want to put the cup down. Next, you realize you are not in a movie theater, and there is no cup holder. This solves that problem.

20. Simple X Table
This is basically a table with legs forming an ‘X’. As you might expect, this thing is quite simple, but it adds a small twist to a commonplace object. With this, you don’t need to buy expensive furniture anymore just to look good.

21. Wooden iPad Dock
This is an iPad holder. Enough said. There probably are products similar to this in the market. However, any Apple-related products are usually expensive. Why not craft your own? With this, you don’t need to hold your phone anymore when watching videos.

22. Wooden Door Mat
In a world full of doormats with ridiculously designed ‘Welcome’ signs, there exists a simple and practical alternative – the wooden doormat. It is easy to make, and easy to clean too. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about discoloration.

23. Unique Hanging Basket Frame
This is another artistic work. The basket frame allows you to hang your flower basket to add an artistic feel to your house. Of course, you might still prefer putting it somewhere else, but changing things up is not bad from time to time.

24. Scrap Wood Candle Holder
Who gets tired of candle holders? None. While the other design was built to hold a row of candles, this one is designed to hold only one. Instead of a ‘rustic’ feel, its entirely-wooden body emits a more natural air.

25. DIY Bottle Vase
Standard vases can get boring. An alternative is to use previously used bottles as vases. With a wooden rack to bunch the plant bottles, the entire setup can fit surprisingly well on a natural theme.

26. Swedish Boot Scraper
When your boots are always getting dirty, having a boot scraper is convenient. The boot scraper can be with or without brushes. Without them, the wood parts are designed to be triangular in shape. These triangular protrusions serve as the scrapers.

27. Shoe Storage Booster Stool
This is basically a shoe rack. However, if you build a small enough one, you can use it as a step stool as well. The process will not vary with size so you can decide how large you want to craft it.

28. Office Supply Tray
You can organize your office supplies with a neat supply tray. This project is a bit challenging to do, with many precise cuts and detailed corners. However, the challenge is fun especially with the sense of accomplishment you get upon finishing.

29. Thyme Saver
If the office supply tray helps organize office supplies, this design organizes kitchen spices. You can craft it single-decked, or you can build it double-decked for more space. It’s a challenge to keep the measurements even, so it’s good for practice.

30. DIY Hanging Planter
If the other project was designed as a rack to hold a basket, this one is hanged from a ceiling. This design was inspired by the mid-century arts. You can craft this if you want some changes from the regular basket and vase.

31. Behind-the-Door Shelves
There is a space behind doors that oftentimes do not get occupied. This is simply due to the fact that it’s hard for anything to fit in it. Crafting narrow pieces of wood to make shelves will help you efficiently use this space.

32. Primitive Wooden Spoons
Technically, we are not just talking about spoons here. We are talking about objects that are crafted with primitive methods of woodworking. Crafting without any advanced tools can be a fun challenge. At the same time, it improves your skills and understanding of the materials.

33. Metal Pipe Table
This table is simply one that has metal pipes as its legs. The thing is practical and very straightforward. It has a simple design, but it requires the handling of metals. You can practice crafting wood with other materials with this design.

34. Rustic Shelf
This shelf is designed as a single-decked shelf mounted into a wall. The twist is that the wooden branches are used for its support. This makes the entire thing feel even more natural. The ‘rustic’ word also comes from this innovation.

35. Season’s Greetings Spice Rack
This rack is used to hold bottles of spices when preparing to use them. The design is like Lazy Susan but with things added to it. Crafts with moving parts are always good for practicing your skills, and this one is no exception.

36. Wooden Bookends
This is a simple project but also quite handy. Bookends are like portable bookshelves that can be put anywhere to hold books. The design makes it look very natural. It is mostly freeform so you can unleash your creative side with it.

37. Simple Side Table
We go fancy with this side table cheap side table design. It is full of curves which make an interesting challenge for beginner woodworkers to apply their skills. By crafting this, you will not need to worry anymore about buying expensive side tables.

38. Magazine Storage Containers
You can probably see these fancy magazine holders whenever you are visiting your dentist. Who says you cannot have your own? These wooden containers will look naturally gorgeous in your office or living room. These things are easy to craft too.

39. Shoe Organizer
Rather than bulky shoe racks, a mounted shoe organizer can also do the same thing. It does not take up space and is easy to craft. The design might seem too simple, but it surprisingly works well with any kind of footwear.

40. Small Bench/Stool
A small stool has a simple design, but it can do many things. With it, you can do better work on things that are on the floor. Alternatively, you can use it as a foothold if you need some elevation.

41. Stacked Recycling Tower
In simpler terms, this is a garbage bin rack. It holds multiple garbage bins in a stack, saving space. The design makes it easier to see the insides of the bin, consequently making it easier to put trash in the correct one.

42. Wooden Bench

The final project in this list is the wooden bench. It is large but also easy to make. After a hard day’s work, you can sit on the bench you personally made, enjoying whatever relaxing scenery you are presented with.

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