Tanaka Chainsaw 2021 Reviews

Tanaka Chainsaw Review

Despite decades of technological advancements, the chainsaw is that power tool that has never lost its purpose and is still widely used to this date. Matter of fact, its use have exponentially increased the past years, pushing manufacturers to produce more and new brands to emerge.

If you’re looking for the best gas chainsaws, you might want to check out this Tanaka chainsaw review as they have a promising line-up that doesn’t disappoint. Read more and get to know three of the best chainsaws on the market today!

Top 3 Best Tanaka Chainsaw 2021 Review

1: Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch

This one offers one of the best user experience while maintaining optimum safety. The chainsaw is equipped with a seamlessly sharpened chain, made compatible and specially manufactured with a flawlessly finished guide bar and saw. With that, you can expect zero kickbacks when using this one.

Along with the seamless chain is the high depth gauge that is versatile enough to handle varied size and thickness of objects. The unit is able to promote a strong grip while giving the user utmost control. The Tanaka TCS33EDTP is also user-friendly enough that even first timers will have an easy time using the chainsaw.

If there’s one thing the manufacturer poured so much attention to – it’s the safety. They employed protective technologies to minimize kickbacks while maintaining the highest efficiency and capacity possible.

Intelligent brakes govern the safety factor of this model. Any accidental kickback (which is pretty rare with this chainsaw) will automatically trigger the brakes, consequently putting the user in the safe zone.

Added perks include the lanyard ring that you can wear – quite useful when you are climbing. The free lanyard is actually hard to find in other products.

• Easy starting and warming up
• Convenient and quick chain adjustment
• Can easily cut
• Easy controls
• 7-year consumer warranty
• Minor disappointments over plastic materials

2: Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc 2-Stroke

The Tanaka TCS40EA18 is an 18-inch wonder, capable of performing with reduced vibration, convenience, and utmost efficiency. For starters, it is designed with high-quality materials, making it hard to beat for its price range.

This one is CARB compliant, meaning it has passed the regulations established by the California Air Regulation Board and you can use it anywhere in the country. It’s wise to have something that emits fewer emissions so you can impose as little damage to the planet as possible.

Reduced vibration is also something that will surely impress you. This Tanaka is designed with a five-point vibration system – five areas in the chainsaw work in coalesce to absorb and reduce vibrations as much as possible.

Thanks to the effective vibration-reduction design, you can expect your arm to experience less strain, giving you more control to the unit. Apart from your arms, other components within the chainsaw also benefit from less shaking. Nuts, screws, will have lasting integrity as they won’t loosen in the long run.

At around 10 lbs, the chainsaw is pretty lightweight – and it’s a big plus! Being lightweight means you won’t have any problem carrying the thing up, especially if your activities require you to constantly transfer from one place to another. What makes it even more impressive, is the fact this gas chainsaw has less weight than an average electric variant.

• Increased efficiency
• Crafted for user comfort
• Quick Cuts
• Low emission engine
• Automatic Oiler
• Easy to start
• Long 7-year consumer warranty
• Carry case not included

3: Tanaka TCS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch

Now make way for Tanaka’s most powerful chainsaw model – the Tanaka TCS51EAP. At 3.5 horsepower, 50.1 ccs, and PureFire engine design, it’s almost impossible to find something to rival this model. This one’s the best in this Tanaka chainsaw review. Now you can tackle even the most demanding cutting activities with this powerful chainsaw that can take down larger trees. Further, you can use it in all 50 states in the US thanks to CARB compliance.

The Tanaka TCS51EAP is equipped with an auto choke, primer bulb, and decompression valve to support the larger engine that requires more power to operate. This Tanaka is specially designed to effectively start even during cold temperatures.

You can expect deeper and quicker cuts courtesy of the bumper spikes that give you better leverage when working with the unit. Now you can easily take down trees or cut wood. Further, the unit lubricates itself with an automatic oiler; and that’s without wasting oil.

You can also easily get impressed with the 20 inches blade sturdily secured by two robust bolts that you can easily switch and tighten. You’ll also find the chain tensioner convenient – a simple screwdriver will suffice if you want to adjust it.

Overall, the Tanaka TCS51EAP is ideal if you want to cut large trees quickly. With its PureFire engine (top of the list), you hold an astonishing power in your hands. If 20 inches seems too long, an optional 16-inch and 18-inch bar and chain are also available depending on your preference.

• Most powerful Tanaka
• Easy startup
• Easy warm-up
• Easy to use
• Less fuel consumption
• Long 7-year consumer warranty
• Minor claims about clutch issues


Tanaka has been a reputable name and it’s hard to conceal how reliable this brand is. Getting a unit or two from this Tanaka Chainsaw reviews would be one of the most life-turning decision you’ll ever make – and for good reason! In terms of the warranty, all Tanaka chainsaws come with a 7-year consumer, 2-year commercial, and 1-year rental warranty. Now it all boils down to choosing one from the list and start cutting down trees responsibly!

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