Best Pocket Chainsaw 2019 Buyer’s Guides

Want a portable survival tool?

The best pocket chainsaw might be the ideal solution.

If you are a survivalist, a hiker, a hunter, or someone who seriously spends a lot of time outdoors, having a useful tool small enough to fit your pocket can be your saving grace.

Imagine being stuck in an isolated situation, with no one to turn to for the next 24 hours. You should at least be prepared enough to survive the cold night. Having the pocket chainsaw makes the situation much easier.

Best Pocket Chainsaw

What is a pocket chainsaw?

A pocket chainsaw is a compact tool you’ll typically find in survival kits. Its main purpose is to serve as a portable device to cut wood, hence the name.

This tool is more appealing because it’s a whole level more advanced than a typical wire saw; being handy makes all the difference. If you find yourself away from home and you need to cut wood, a pocket chainsaw is all you need to survive the task.

Applications of Pocket Chainsaw

While pocket chainsaws can never replace a real chainsaw in terms of prowess, using this tool the right way can still save the day. Here are some applications of pocket chainsaws:

  • During camping when you need to cut wood for the bonfire
  • Cutting a fallen tree that might have blocked your trail
  • Cutting wood for building shelters

Pocket Chainsaw vs Full-Size Chainsaw

A pocket chainsaw is basically just like a real chainsaw at its core. It’s crafted by taking a chain similar to the chain structure used on a chainsaw. These chains in series have handles on both ends – which you will hold.

So the main difference between a pocket chainsaw and a real chainsaw is the fact that you, yourself, will serve as the engine for the former; while the latter has its own engine (either gas or battery powered). Simply put, you can consider pocket chainsaws as manually powered by the user himself.

Why buy the best pocket chainsaw?

The question remains, why buy a pocket chainsaw instead of an actual one? The answer lies in the compactness of pocket chainsaws. You wouldn’t want to bring a full-size chainsaw on your camping, would you? And you can’t certainly store your actual chainsaw in your survival kit.

Portable and compact

The beauty of pocket chainsaws is their portability and compactness that no real chainsaw can have. Pocket chainsaw is the best alternative to chainsaws. It’s small and light enough to fit a small pouch which you can safely store anywhere in your bag or survival kit.


You’ll also like how inexpensive pocket chainsaws are. Since they have no motor engines, you wouldn’t be paying for that much. Consequently, you won’t have to deal with filling the device with gas or charging any battery, meaning there’s absolutely zero operational cost with this one.

User Flexibility

There are some pocket chainsaws that even a young-aged kid can use. Pocket chainsaws, in general, are user-flexible and are safer to use than the actual ones.

Top 4 Best Pocket Chainsaw 2018  Reviews

1:Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw

If a 24-inch length seems not enough for you, this one from Sportsman Industries boasts a thicker and longer chain at 36 inches (not including the handles).

Crafted from 65mn high carbon heat, this self-cleaning chainsaw offers bi-directional cutting through its razor sharp blade. Now you can expect a faster output since you’re able to cut the wood both ways. The same design makes it capable of tackling three sides of a limb at once.

You can also be confident that you’re using a high-quality chainsaw with this one. It even comes with heavy duty rugged handles fortified with metal brackets. This Sportsman can rip through virtually any wood from small branches to thick tree trunks in a matter of seconds.

While the Sportsman Industries rightfully grabbed the title in this article – the pocket chainsaw – it’s a fact that this model has fewer teeth than its competitors. However, you can still take it as an advantage because more teeth can mean a tough operation on the part of the user.


  • Longer pocket chainsaw
  • Produced with strong materials
  • Guaranteed thick chain & handles
  • check
    Comes from a known brand
  • check
    Can easily be sharpened
  • check
    Crafted with attention to detail


  • Other models have more teeth
  • No instructions included
Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain Best Compact Folding Hand Saw Tool for Your Survival...
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Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain Best Compact Folding Hand Saw Tool for Your Survival...
  • LENGTH MATTERS - While other 24 inch saws are too short, too...
  • QUALITY DOES COUNT! - Our saw rips through anything from...

Last update : 2019-12-06 at 08:06 - Details

2:SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw & Fire Starter

You read it right. You actually can get a pocket chainsaw and a fire starter in one. The SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw makes itself appealing by being more of a survival gear kit rather than just a mere pocket chainsaw in a package.

For starters, purchasing this model comes with a whistle for dire situations where you need to grab emergency attention; a Flint Ferro Rod with a compass for fire starting and navigation purposes; and a camo pouch for complementing everything.

The thing that makes this chainsaw appealing is its compact and lightweight attributes. You’ll never feel the burden of bringing this item – and to think it’s already a survival kit makes it all worth it.

It’s easy to pack, highly useful, and more importantly, a friendly emergency saw for anyone to use. Further, the model gives you the freedom of choosing either a 24-inch or 36-inch chain. Now that’s a rare, flexible offer.

While the SOS Gear Pocket chainsaw is undeniably appealing, minor reports show users’ impressions on how the actual item is smaller than what they thought it could be.

 You should also not depend too much on the Flint Ferro Rod. It throws a good spark but just like any other fire starter, you should also have a good kindle.


  • Complete package; survival kit
  • Comes with useful add-ons
  • Great camouflage design
  • check
    Lightweight and compact
  • check
    Robust chain and metal materials


  • Might be smaller in real life
SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw and Fire Starter - Survival Kit with Hand Saw in Camo Embroidered Pouch,...
63 Reviews
SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw and Fire Starter - Survival Kit with Hand Saw in Camo Embroidered Pouch,...
  • MAGNESIUM FIRESTARTER for emergency fire starting included,...
  • CAMOUFLAGE DESIGN perfect for backpacking, wilderness...
  • TWO WAY BI-DIRECTIONAL cutting teeth reduces binding and...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT size makes this emergency survival...

Last update : 2019-12-06 at 08:06 - Details

3: Camping Pocket Chainsaw

If 24 inches is too short while 36 inches is too long to use, you might want to opt for this Camping Pocket Chainsaw featuring a 26-inch chain. So if you can’t choose between 24 and 36, why not try something in between?

Its strongest suit is speed; this Camping Pocket Chainsaw is capable of cutting three (3) times faster than any other competitor out there. The secret behind lies on the embedded sharp cutting blade on every link and it has more teeth.

The flexible chainsaw makes the bi-directional motion more effective in cutting through branches. The best part is the chainsaw is easy-to-use enough that it makes itself ideal even for a 10-year old boy scout.

Bringing this one means you have a multi-purpose tool to use in several situations from simple yard work to more vigorous camping, hiking, and emergencies. Need to cut a branch? This Camping Pocket Chainsaw is all you need.

While having more blades mean you can quickly cut through wood, it also means that you must have strength when doing the operation. Otherwise, you’ll find the chainsaw stuck sometimes. It can be used by kids but not on the most heavy-duty tasks.


  • Fastest woodcutter
  • High blade count
  • Robust blade material
  • check
    Just enough chain length
  • check
    Friendly for younger users


  • May require strength to use
  • Can stuck depending on the user
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26" Camping Pocket Chainsaw Cuts 3X Faster w/Blade on Every Link - Bonus Front Snap Carrying Case,...
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  • MULTI PURPOSE TOOL - useful in different situations, from...
  • BONUS ADDED - comes with a convenient and compact belt loop...

Last update : 2019-12-06 at 08:06 - Details

4: Hand Saw Pocket Chainsaw Blade

If you value the teeth more than anything else, then this Pocket Chainsaw Blade makes an ideal solution. This one has the highest number of teeth on the list – with blades on every link!

They say the more the better and it’s true in terms of chainsaw design. More teeth mean faster cuts. This one comes with features that make a great chainsaw: bi-directional capable, high-quality material, and multi-purpose. Ultimately, this makes a great add-on into any survival gear.

Being lightweight and portable makes this pocket chainsaw ideal for personal use and as a gift. Overall, having a pocket chainsaw makes you feel confident knowing you can never go wrong in your hiking and camping.

Having more teeth is its strongest suit, making this item quite appealing. However, there are concerns about warranty services as there is no specific information available for this.

Having more teeth is its strongest suit, making this item quite appealing. However, there are concerns about warranty services as there is no specific information available for this.


  • Most number of teeth
  • Has teeth on every link
  • Quick cutting operation
  • check
    Easy and simple to use
  • check
    Easy back and forth use


  • No stated warranty
Hand Saw - Pocket Chainsaw Blade - Hand Chain Saw with More Cutting Teeth. Essential for- Survival...
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Hand Saw - Pocket Chainsaw Blade - Hand Chain Saw with More Cutting Teeth. Essential for- Survival...
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  • High Quality and Efficient Bi-directional cutting teeth....
  • GREAT GIFT Idea or Stocking Stuffer. Lightweight and...
  • Multi Purpose - Handy at home for trimming trees and pruning...

Last update : 2019-12-06 at 08:06 - Details

Best Pocket Chainsaw Buying Guide

Pocket chainsaws look the same, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are all made equal. Here are some factors you need to consider when planning to buy one – no matter it’s your first or next pocket chainsaw.


In any camp or survival tour, you need your chainsaw to be rustproof. Being able to evade corrosion means the item is of high-quality. This attribute also means that you can store your pocket chainsaw for a long time while being confident that it’s not slowly rusting away.

Among the items above, the Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw – dubbed as the pocket chainsaw – is guaranteed to be specially treated to prevent corrosion and rust. 


The most important attribute of the pocket chainsaw is the material composing it. You might want to opt for high carbon steel – it tends to retain its sharpness for a longer time. You can also purchase other models made of a different material; just make sure the metal comprising it is robust.


This might not be the most important factor but the handles play a significant role in the overall experience. The comfort of the handle is also a plus since you’ll be using both hands. Cutting can also be a time-consuming process so you might want to avoid soreness by selecting a comfortable handle.


Of course, you should opt for a sharp chainsaw. The sharper it is, the better it performs the tasks. Sharpness directly reflects efficiency; the sharper your tool is, the faster you’ll get the job done.


A follow-up to the material factor, the tool must be durable. All items above are surely durable so you don’t have a problem here. If you want a further guarantee, durable materials include high carbon steel. You can also consider iron; this metal is strong but tends to be vulnerable to rust.


This is the importance of the pocket chainsaw review above. Since you’ll not be able to test the items first-hand, all you can do is rely on the given info and trust that knowledge. All items above are guaranteed robust and strongly built. Being strong means you don’t have to worry about the chains suddenly breaking off.

Pocket Chainsaw vs Folding Saw

You probably might already know folding saws. The folding saw is also a portable saw popular with the outdoor enthusiasts. It’s like a penknife but only features cutting teeth instead of a sharp blade. Folding saws only has a single blade with serrated teeth on it.


While both devices are effective at what they do, they differ greatly on how you use them. Folding saws are used by using a single hand. On the flipside, you must always use two hands when operating a pocket chainsaw.


This is where pocket chainsaws win. They are generally faster than folding chainsaws, probably because you are utilizing both of your hands that elevates the speed twice as much, even more.


Do yourself a favor and buy the  pocket chainsaw. You will thank yourself later. Having one will surely impress your friends the next time you go hiking; they’ll be amazed at how fast you’re able to cut wood.

Your search for the best pocket chainsaw ends here. Any of the above items deserve the title and now it all boils down to your personal preference. If you’re having a hard time deciding, know that you are always free to buy not just one pocket chainsaw.