Top 3 Best Outdoor wood Sealers 2021 Reviews

Best Outdoor wood Sealers

Your furniture could be easily damaged by time, weather, mildew and be rotting. However, it is possible for you to protect your items from these impacts by having the best outdoor wood sealers. Thanks to the great maintenance, your wood products will be covered and keep the nice appearance for a long time without suffering deterioration.

However, not all the wood sealers can work efficiently on wood items. Thus, we would like to introduce 3 best outdoor wood furniture sealers which we tested by using for covering some of our items. We all believe in its quality and price. The good sealer should be easy to apply on the product’s surface and especially protect it well from the outdoor condition.

1. KILZ Adhesion High-Bonding Interior Latex sealer

The good bonding sealer plays an important role in ensuring the topcoats adhere to the tough to paint surfaces. It increases the possibility of a painting by bonding to the wide range of surface. KILZ is the special latex sealer which bond on the slick surfaces. The traditional water or boil primer can not adhere.

KILZ Adhesion is used on the variety of surfaces such as metals, Kynar, PVC, glass, chalky paint, fiberglass, and so on. It can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. The primer can be used under epoxies, products containing Xylene and lacquers.

1 gallon can of KILZ can cover approximately 300 square feet. You have to notice that you use it properly prepared surface free of grease, mold, peeling paint, chalk, and dust. Besides, it has to be mixed well, apply with roller or spray. Kilz dries to touch within 30 minutes and ready to recoat in an hour.

The Kilz sealer has a newly styled look with the same nice formula. It is easy to see that it is designed as the primer, sealer and stain blocker. It goes very smoothly on every surface. It increases painting capacity by bonding to a wide range of touch to paint. Kilz was raked paint brand of the year in 2015, so you can totally believe in its quality.

Cheap price
Great and dedicate color
Offer many good features
Go smoothly on every surface
Take the long time to dry
Strong smell

2. DeckWise Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish, UV Resistant, 1 Gallon Can

Desks are one of the best outdoor wood sealers which are the oil-based natural wood sealer. It formulated to preserve and protect the natural beauty of hardwood decks. Besides, it also offers the great e\penetration of the densest of wood. With the UV barrier protection, you do not need to worry about your furniture. Deck wise is appropriate with Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru and some other exotic wood.

Decks Ipe oil is designed especially for the IPE and some other hardwood deck finish which offers the deep penetration into dense woods. It helps to protect wood from water, harsh water, toxic mold, mildew and UV damage.

Decks oil is the VOC low odor formula comes in the natural transparent tone to widen the look for the hardwood species, and the IPE oil hardwood deck contains trans-oxide pigments which offer added grain enhancement. IPE oil is kind of easy to use oil with 3 simple step. Firstly, leans and brighten the surface and let it dry. Then apply oil on the hardwood. Finally, wipe the excess IPE oil.

1 gallon can cover about 300 square feet. It has the exceptional penetration and the repels water. It reduces the chance of warps and cracks.

Good smell
Good price
Compatible with American hardwood
Do not recommend with the softwood and yellow pine

3. Deck Premium Wood Stain for Decks, Fences, & Siding – 1 Gallon (Natural)

The deck is able to work well in protection wood from the UV damage rays and it works as the stain and sealer for your wood. It is available in 4 beautiful semi-transparent finishes which dry to a natural looking and flat finish. The deck can be used on all softwood types such as pressure treated pine, fir, pine or redwood.

Deck is an advanced water-based, semi-transparent stain formulation designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for the max protection and the longevity. It does not only protect wood from the damage from UV, but also the water penetration.

This sealer is very safe to use thank to the low odor and it is also easy to clean up with soap and water. Deck is the great sealers for the softwood types of weathered. Exterior wood surfaces such as decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, playsets, and gazebos.

Good price
Safe to use with low odor
Easy to clean
No cons

How to choose the best outdoor wood sealers

Outdoor wood sealers are the essential thing to maintain your furniture in a long time. Thus, everyone needs the best outdoor furniture sealers. However, it is not easy to choose the best one among thousands of products in the market today.

Firstly, you have to identify your type of wood. The sealer for the hardwood will be different from the sealer for softwood. Each sealer is designed to work on the specific types of projects. For instance, the deck sealer is formulated to handle the foot traffic that works on the deck.

Besides, you should consider the opacity level of sealer range from clear finish to solid with the amount of pigment in its opacity. The more pigment, the opaque the coverage will be and the longer term of maintenance. Transparent, semi-solid and transparent are designed to protect without obscuring the natural color and the texture of the wood.

You also should choose the color. The more opaque the sealer, the more color choices are available. To begin with your color choice, you have to take a look at existing colors in your home. Especially, the color of food, siding, driveway, and trim.

Interior and exterior

The interior and exterior are different. If you want to seal the outdoor furniture, you should choose the sealer having the additional mildew blocker and the fade resistors which allow withstanding the elements and the sunlight. The exterior decking sealer should contain the scuff resistors which keep your deck from wearing off,

Latex and oil

The latex is based on water, these sealers make it easy to clean with warm and soapy water, It is the ideal for the interior choice or somewhere there is little exposure to elements. Oil sealer contains oil instead of water. Oil is more durable than latex and used in exterior applications, They demand mineral spirits for clean up.

Transparent and solid

Semi-transparent allows textures of wood and the grains or surface to see through, semi-solid has more pigment for UV rays and durability. Solid is smoother. Solid finish is clearer and more formal look but the semi-transparent is for the casual look.

Wood outdoor sealer brands

1. Behr

Behr is one of the best brand producing the wood sealer in the market today. Their products have the water-based acrylic filming stain. That is very special and different from another producer. They offer the semi-transparent and 2 coats. For per sealer gallon, it can cover 150 to 250 square. It offers the short time to dry about just 4 hours.

2. IPE

It has the oil-based penetrating stain and the semi-transparent, but this model has only 1 coat. However, their sealer can cover 250 square by 1 gallon. It takes the longest time to dry about 4 to 8 hours.

3. Deck

This one also has the water-based acrylic filming staining like the Behr one, but it has the solid stain being different from 2 other types. It also has 1 to 2 coats. However, it is similar to the Behr, just can cover about 150 to 250 square. It is inconvenient because it takes 4 – 12 hours to dry.

In conclusion

It is not easy to choose the best sealer among the thousands of different manufacturers. I just shared you 3 best sealer that I have ever use for my furniture. It is better if you read the experience of those who use this product. Thus, I hope that my article can help you much in choosing the best wood outdoor sealer for you. Protect your wood furniture is the best way to save money instead of buying the new one.

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