Best Gas Chainsaw 2019 Buyer’s Guides

Gas chainsaw is one of the most powerful chainsaws among 3 types of chainsaws. It is useful in a variety of applications such as cutting tree’s branches, trimming, pruning and bucking. It is also a very necessary device for most of the gardeners.

That is the reason why there are more chainsaw brands, so its market has been more competitive. It makes users confused when they have to make the decision to choose the best gas chainsaw. I used to find out and experience in using some different gas chainsaw. I would like to review the advantage and disadvantages of these tools.

How to select the best gas chainsaw?

Gas chainsaws offer more terms of cutting power, run time, speed and mobility than two others models. However, it is not easy to start and require more maintenance.

When choosing the right chainsaw you need to consider your needs. For example, if you just work on easy normal tasks around your house, you can choose the gas chainsaw which is quiet with based function.


If you want to work with the hard jobs and far away from your home, you can choose the powerful models which offer you the best effectiveness of cutting and pruning. Besides, you also need to focus more on the safety system of this model.

Specific things to consider

Operating a chainsaw, you should take a look at its kickback which is the significant thing to protect you from the hard situation.

Bar length

That is the first thing you need to take a look at. It is the length from the tip to the point of the chainsaw where it enters the housing, the larger bar length is, the bigger wood logs you can tackle.

Whereas, the larger bar length comes with the harder kickback and more heavy. Thus, you need to know what size of wood logs you usually work with and you will know what are you looking for.

Engine power

The stronger engine will go with the bigger kickback and harder control. However, the harder engine can help you to cut the bigger wood logs in the longer time.


When you know your purpose of buying the chainsaw, it is easy for you to choose the bar length engine and some others features.


That is a must-have to consider. You should find the chainsaw that provides as many safety functions as possible.


It is the first thing you catch up with when you see a product. However, not every ergonomic chainsaw can have good features.


It depends on your strength and habit. If you are strong enough, you can choose the heavy one with the more powerful engine.


You have to remember that most of the modern chainsaw has some features which allow you easier in the chain and air filter maintenance. You can save a lot of time.

Top 5 Best Gas Chainsaw 2018 Reviews

1.    Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw

This model comes from Husqvarna, which is one of the well-trusted manufacturers. It provides the combination of power and efficiency. Thus, it becomes the top choice for the gas chainsaw.

It is equipped with the exceptional power with 18-inch cutting radius. It can work on the small and even larger woods. X-Torq tech can help to reduce emissions and raise the fuel efficiency.

This chainsaw features the stability of saw, so it allows for the less vibration and made it easy to produce the cleaner and efficient cuts. It also has the durable engine with 3 piece crankshaft providing the durable engine which stands up to daily wear.

Normally, it is not easy to start the gas chainsaw, but in this model, the cord has reduced resistance and makes it far easier to start without a thousand of error.

There is a inertia activate chain brake which is designed to improve the safety of chainsaw. Hence, there is a lower risk of injury that can be related to a strong kickback.

However, this modern has the manual which is not easy to understand. Besides, because it is the gas chainsaw, it releases some harmful emission and it is difficult to start it.


This is a lightweight chainsaw with the perfect balance

There is a feature which can reduce the emission

The vibration also reduced because of LowVib


Not easy to start

Prolonged is impossible because of lacking power.

2.    Husqvarna 445 18-Inch 45.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Husqvarna 445 is the advanced version with the variety of feature to make it easy to star, reduce injury and make your job enjoyable. It has the combination of star and stops switch with the fuel pump.

Besides, the combination of choke and stop control help a lot in reducing the risk of engine flooding and make it simple when starting and stopping your chainsaw. It also has a quick release air filter which facilitates fast and easy cleaning and replacement of air.

It is the same to the 450 one with X-Torq engine increasing the fuel efficiency and reduces the level of emission. The crankshaft will be allowed to withstand tough jobs thanks to 3 separate pieces for durability.

This chainsaw includes the system that is designed to decrease the vibrations level. Thus the fatigue can be reduced and you can work for a long time with less muscle pain.

This model is also suitable for the beginner because of easy using. However, it is not recommended for those who work with heavy duty task regularly. Besides, you may get some trouble with mixing gas and oil.


Many great features with the lightweight and easy handling

Low vibration

Simple chain

Sturdy construction


Requires more deal of maintenance

Difficult user manual

Expensive price

3.    Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

If you are looking for the best gas chainsaw for household use such as pruning cutting firewood or branches, PP502 AV is exactly what you need. It is provided the full necessary and basic features.

Coming with the 50cc engine which can last much longer than the engine, Thus, it is the strong and more reliable chainsaw compared with the other models. It has the 20-inch bar which is recommended for the light duty chain.

Poulan has designed with the tool-less cover for an air filter that can be removed with the turn of a knob. This model can be kept with the large debris and dirt from getting away by the super clean air filter system.

To make sure that the chain and bar are lubricated, the manufacturer offers an automatic oiler system which can release oil when the reservoir is kept filled. It is equipped with the low kickback guide bar that offers some protection for users.

However, it is not recommended for professional use. Besides, it is difficult to change the bar and chain.


Great power for homeowner

Coming with the great price and good quality construction

Good safety system


The engine requires the adjustment of the carburetor

Only for beginners and daily use

4.    XtremepowerUS 22" 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas Chainsaw

XtremepowerUS is one of the most solid and powerful gas chainsaws. With 20 inches, its bar is the largest bar on our list. This model has a decent 24 hp more with a cheaper price than some other models.

Besides, this chainsaw does not build up hear and it works very quietly thanks to an anti-vibration design. This model also has an automatic oiler which is the same as the modern and professional chainsaw.

It is also equipped with the good safety features especially for kickback which tends to be more common when using any chainsaw. Moreover, it also has a rapid chain brake hand guard.

There are also some systems that support you to avoid the debris and dirt from going into the engine. Although the bar length is larger than the other, it is very light at about 16 pounds.

However, because of the bar length, it is not easy to handle, especially for those who are not used to using a chainsaw. Due to the cheap price, it is not really durable compared with the other models when you use for hard condition and jobs.


Anti-vibration and anti-kickback can make it safer and more comfortable for using

It is equipped with the full function like all other modern devices

Good fuel consumption make it last longer


Tightening chain will need tools

Normal design and material

5.    Poulan 967669301 Handheld Gas Chainsaw

Poulan 967669301 Gas Chainsaw is one of the cheapest gas chainsaws which is equipped with a lot of great features. It is quite heavy than the other mini gas chainsaw but can do the heavy task.

It has 42cc 2 stroke engine and 18-inch bar which is capable of doing the different type of sawing. Besides, it is equipped with an automatic gear which drives oiler for less maintenance.

This model also has an inertia activated chain brake for more safety and comfort. Moreover, it comes with 3/8 inch chain pitch and 0.050-inch gauge. It also has an extra chain and scrench.

It is the perfect choice for the occasional user who needs to do light to medium duty such as storm clean up or light firewood cutting or strimming. Its engine of this chainsaw can last for longer time between cleaning.

The anti-vibration system makes sure that the operator is comfortable and decrease the fatigue. However, this chainsaw is not recommended for those who expect to work fast and require a lot of power.


Lightweight about 13 pounds but very powerful

Easily portable

Anti-vibration system helps in reducing the operator fatigue


Not for fast work and work requires a lot of power

Frequently Asked Questions

How to mix chainsaw gas?

Firstly, make sure you prepare all the needed materials and cool down your chainsaw properly. After that you have to pour a half of your unleaded petrol into the clean fuel container, pour all the chainsaw oil for mixture ratio which is 50:1. Close container and shake well 15s

Open your fuel container and ass in the rest of gasoline. After that share for 15 seconds. Remove the chainsaw gas cap from the tank and add in the petrol oil mixture to 80% of tank volume. Replace the cap and close tightly. Wipe fuel by the clean dry cloth.

What kind of gas does a chainsaw use?

It depends on the kind of chainsaw you are using. Each type of chainsaw will use the different type of gas.

What gas oil ratio for Husqvarna chainsaw?

Piston's two-stroke needs lubrication and the oil does not come from a pump, it needs to come directly from the source. The Husqvarna use the Husqvarna engine oil which is produced by its own brand.

Besides, you also can use another high quality for air two-cycle engine. 50:1 gasoline to oil is recommended for all two-stroke engines.


Gas chainsaws are powerful and can tackle the various tasks. However, choosing the best gas chainsaw that satisfies your requirements is not easy at all. Above are my own experience and knowledge about some gas chainsaw. I hope that it can help you to make your decision.