Best Cheap Chainsaw 2019 Buyer’s Guides

Nowadays, there are thousands of different chainsaw types, so you are easy to get confused. You may feel more reliable when buying an expensive model with various features.

However, you sometimes do not get the benefit from its functions, since you are not a professional and do not require a lot of features. Thus, you might waste amount of money for what you do not really need.

Why don’t you take the best cheap chainsaw with fewer features but enough for your usage needs? Cheap does not mean poor quality, but it is more suitable for your budget and save your money. I am also a homeowner, I usually use cheap chainsaws for my basis and normal work.

I recognize that my right chainsaw cannot be the modern and expensive one, but the chainsaw matched my needs. I would like to recommend you some of best cheap chainsaws which I used to use and help me a lot to complete my home tasks. But firstly, I will show you some of my experience when choosing the cheap chainsaw.

How to select a right cheap chainsaw


Who uses this chainsaw? is the first question that you have to answer first. You are homeowner, loggers or gardeners, you will tend to choose the different chainsaw with those who are carpenters. There also someone who creates is by the chainsaw.

Your purpose

Understanding what will you do with a chainsaw? You will choose the best one for your usage. You may work on a home task or cutting log, trimming back trees for gardening. However, you might work in an industry such as carpentry or logging.

Chainsaw features

Normally, the cheap chainsaw will be equipped with the easy to use features. Gas chainsaw is the most difficult to use chainsaw compared with electric and battery chainsaw. Some chainsaw can be started with just the pull or push button while some others have to revved up and readied.

Chainsaw built-in

Cheap chainsaw goes with the lower end which is not well constructed as the high-end one. I usually find out a lot about chainsaw materials. I recognized that both cheap and expensive chainsaw is made of steel and heavy duty plastic. It is durable in the different hard conditions.

The ability of working and power

You have to consider how does it cut and trim wood log to know its power and usage. You can check out the tension adjusting ability of chain, lubricating ability and kick back control also. There are some chainsaws which are designed with some components allowing for more clean and precise cutting.

Remember choosing the gas chainsaw with at least 30cc of power which is enough to handle most of cutting task. For choosing the corded electric chainsaw, find one with at least 5 amp motor. At least 18 volts of power for the battery powered chainsaw.

Top 5 best cheap chainsaws reviews 2019 on the market

1: Husqvarna 240 Chain Saw - 14in. Bar, 38.2cc, 3/8in. Chain Pitch,

Husqvarna 240 is listed on a top name in chainsaw world. It is powerful and delivers a fast and clean cut. Besides, it has a number of safety features which is the best choice for casual and even professional users. It is capable of cutting through a 6x6 inch piece of lumber.

Its anti-vibration system works well, you can cut through hardened, dead tree stumps easier and smoother. Besides, this chainsaw delivers a sizable cut with a 16-inch bar and 38.2 cc fuel-efficient engine. Its X-Torq engine consumes low volumes of fuel and releases low exhaust levels.

It also equipped with an air injection system which keeps emissions low while stopping dust and wood particles from getting into the air filter. Its saw offers a stability, thanks to its low kickback bar and chain. It also helps in decreasing the vibration.

There is a throttle lockout located at the top of the handle which helps to avoid accidental start-ups. Besides, a half warp handle behind the handguard which features as a chain brake is a sign to point in this model. You also can see a few anti damper springs in some places, it helps to absorb and direct vibration away from handles.

However, there is something make you feel complicated when starting to operate this chainsaw. Besides, although it works well on the medium and light duty task, so it is impossible to tackle with the hard and thick wood log.


Good for light and medium work

Easy to use, the best choice for beginners

Good price


It is not easy to start

Not powerful for heavy duty task

2: XtremepowerUS 22" 2.4HP 45cc Gasoline Gas Chainsaw

This model is more enough powerful for occasional users and does not spend three times money on the expensive chainsaw. It has enough power to cut down small trees. It goes with 2 strokes 2.4 peak horsepower motor. This chainsaw can avoid its low exhaust so it does not create heat.

Xtremepower US is a powerful chainsaw with good construction and small size. At 22 inches,  this bar is the largest bar on our list, with a decent 2.4hp motor. There are some other important features such as an anti-kickback, rapid chain brake handguard which is helpful for safety.

This chainsaw is really the good choice for the users who are the tight budget and do not want to waste money to buy the brand name. It offers good quality products for users. It can cut down small trees by 2 strokes 2.4 horsepower motor. It is hard to release heat, this is the reason why it avoids low exhaust with not any problem.

Xtreme power is the powerful chainsaw which provides value for its price. However, because it is one of the largest bars on the list, It is also the heaviest model and it requires that you are strong enough to hold it to work for long hours.


No kickback

Having a cleaning air intake system

Equipped with the eco-friendly engine


The chain is not comfortable when using

It is not tool-less

3: Homdox 52CC Chainsaw, 3.0HP Gas Powered chainsaw

Homdox 52cc is the good choice for wood cutting and clean up trees. It is equipped with 20-inch bar and chain, it can be used with 22 or 24 inches bar extending use. It is very easy to operate and start the engine and stop it.

Besides, it can save you energy with the super air filter and an automatic chain oiler for the more comfortable experience. Moreover, the front and back anti-vibration handle can give you more comfortable operation with no any fatigue during hours of using a chainsaw.

It has a powerful engine with a 22cc 3.0HP 2 stroke engine which helps to reduce harmful emission and increase fuel efficiency. It is better to use 25:1 gas or oil ratio for this chainsaw. Besides, it is very compatible with the 22-inch bar and extends its life. It also comes with a slip-free design which makes the rancher chainsaw balanced and more comfortable to operate.

It has the anti-kickback chain which is designed for more effective anti-vibration. It has an innovative design which assisted quick stopping control make it pull start and stop easier for user safety. This model also has an air filter system and automatic chain oiler.

Homdox can work well on a variety of different wood surface, It is very powerful and easy to use. However, when using it you may find that it makes a lot of noise and it also can consume a lot of fuel.


Being a powerful chainsaw

Having anti-vibration handles

Good start and stop systems

Having the range of bar lengths


Makes some noise when to operating

Consumes fuel

4: Blue Max 8901 2-in-1 14-Inch/20-Inch Combination Chainsaw

This model is  2 in 1 chainsaw, that is amazing but you may wonder how it can come with 2 different bars and chains. It has both 20 and 14-inch bar and chain, which make it more attractive. It seems to own 2 chainsaws at once.

It features 45cc, 2 stroke singer cylinder engine which produces the necessary power to drive 2 chain lengths. The engine drives the chain at speeds or 2800 revolutions /minute. Because it is 2 cycle engine which requires a fuel oil mixture of 40:1 ratio. With the pro tensioner, it is easy to access. You can also use it to make adjustments in chain tension for durability.

Blue max also is equipped with an anti-vibration technology in the handle to decrease operator fatigue in the using period. The quick way of getting chainsaw up and running is provided by the quick start ignition system. Besides, this chainsaw comprises 30% more teeth to reduce cutting time.

It comes with a center balanced and anti-vibration handle that brings the least fatigue with max control. There is also a quick start ignition system, and you do not have to keep it running all the time. Blue Ma also gives an automatic bar chain oil system to keep chain oiled continuously.

It is very great to have an extra chain bar, but it is also the reason why this chainsaw is quite heavy and not easy to handle, control and bring with you somewhere around. Besides, it is quite hard for us to find the newer chain and it also has some of the oil leakage problems.


Extra chain bar

Quick and easy to start

Vibration is reduced

Powerful engine

Simple access chain tensioner


It is quite heavy

The newer chain is not easy to find

Oil leakage problem

5: 20 Inch Chainsaw 52cc/58cc Petrol Chainsaw

This model has 4 color choices for users. It comes with a powerful engine of 58 or 52 ccs 3.4 HP 2 stroke which can reduce the harmful exhaust emission and also create more fuel efficiency. It is one of the lightest chainsaws around 5.5kg. Thus, it is easy to operate and handle during prolonged use.

Moreover, it well design allows it to begin easily and cut through tough and thick trees. It is equipped with the full features such as precision air filter, easy starter, increasing fuel tank system, manganese steel bar, automatic carburetor and aluminum alloy.

Besides, its ergonomic design with the cushion wrap maintain can make this chainsaw more balanced, comfortable and maneuverable to control. With the air cleaning system, the dust and debris particles are removed before reaching the air filter. The petrol chainsaw is easy to start up and overall reliability, also more safety with its safety valve switch.

This model is a cheap chainsaw with a variety of features, but its materials are not really ideal for some users especially the professional who requires the high-quality materials for construction. Besides, it is not as solid as you expected because it is very light.


Fast cutting

Strong motor

Solid construction

Petrol powered

Cheap price


Its quality is not for professional users


1.    When we need to buy an expensive chainsaw

When we have enough budget for buying and especially when you suppose that you are professional enough to use all of its features.

2.    How to start a chainsaw?

First, you need to push the ignition, choke the button all the way down. Then you have to hold the trigger down. Place on floor place food in the handle loop and then you pull the rope until the saw starts to run. After that, you have to move the ignition and choke the button up with one click.

3.    Why does the chainsaw not cut?

The bar can be bent or warped

The drive sprocket is worn, so it can not drive the chain

The chain might be on the wrong way

The chain could be damaged if it came off, you have to check the drive tangs and file flat if it is necessary.

In Conclusion

To sum up, buying a chainsaw for home use, it does not require a lot of professional features, so you do not need to choose the chainsaw with a large amount of money.

There is the variety of chainsaw with normal price about under 200$, which still can offer the excellent durability, features, power and very easy to handle and operate. Therefore, do not hesitate to go with the best cheap chainsaw list.