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Mechanicalguy.com is a small group of writers who love home and garden. We are dedicated to finding out the best and brightest new home gadgets, sweet cooking gear, and pet supplies for you, and for ourselves. Mechanicalguy has been a blog since 2017, and we want to show you want makes us the best.

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We publish spectacular articles that focus on what you need for your home. No matter what you are looking for or how big your home or garden is, Mechanicalguy has an article for you. Passionately written and deeply researched, our articles are made for easy yet informative reading.

Here at Mechanicalguy.com, we publish several different kinds of articles to help you find what you need quickly. This includes top ten lists of “best of” products, buyer’s guides, and even some in-depth information about the coolest trends and hottest sellers. If you are looking for something special for your own home or a gift for someone else’s, we at Mechanicalguy know how to help.

We focus on everything important to you as a home and garden enthusiast. Our subjects including greenhouses and gardens, DIY cleaning products, home and garden technology, green technology and greening your home, pet safety, pet care and cleaning, remodeling, crafts, decorating, and more.

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Here at Mechanicalguy.com, we write passionately about a huge range of subjects. We write with the reader in mind, keeping our articles casual, easy-to-read, and without all of the insider jargon. Our articles focus on things that are important to you, your home, your family, and your pets. Scouring the net for the newest, latest, and greatest, we write about things that are up and coming, like the newest household trends and tech.

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Unlike most content mills, we aren’t in it for just clicks and quick conversion. Our articles aren’t clickbait garbage content that doesn’t fulfill your need for news. Oh no! We strive to have quality articles, lists, and guides to ensure that you can keep up with the newest trends that are important to your house and home. We care about your readership and enjoyment of our content. This makes us a great place to find new trends and fabulous, engaging articles to help inspire and educate.

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